What Do SEO Practitioners Do?

we_dont_do_seo_robot.jpgLet's clear up any confusion there might be about what SEO is and what YourAmigo does.

According to Google, "Search engine optimization is often about making small modifications to parts of your website."

SEO practitioners work on the site's code to improve its visibility and ranking in the search engines.

According to the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization, SEMPO, this is what SEO is, "SEO - Acronym for "Search Engine Optimization." This is the process of editing a web site's content and code in order to improve visibility within one or more search engines."

It is widely acknowledged that SEO is typically labor-intensive and therefore this manual approach to SEO gets traffic and sales on a few keywords, especially for very large websites of thousands or hundreds of thousands of pages, so the volume of traffic and sales through organic search is usually a small fraction of other online marketing programs such as paid search.

Even if you have some sort of SEO tools which enable you to work on large numbers of web pages, SEO involves making basic improvements to your existing site content through improvement of key metadata and tags. Off-site optimization may also include external linking strategies of course. All of the above still only results in a relatively small impact on total site revenue.

Ranking highly on only a few keywords or the names of your products through SEO is limiting the volume of traffic and revenue that can be captured through organic search. This is because each searcher is unique - even for the same product each searcher typically uses different keywords to express what they are seeking to purchase.

This Is What YourAmigo and Spider Linker™ Do

In a nutshell, while our clients continue to undertake their own SEO activities, Spider Linker™ provides a separate online marketing channel which creates an additional 3%-25% increase in clients' overall online revenues.

How do we do that? YourAmigo's Spider Linker™ doesn't edit or optimize the client's existing website content or code. YourAmigo's clients continue to undertake their own SEO activities, working on their existing content and code, either through a vendor, in-house or an agency while YourAmigo's Spider Linker™ services are provided separately.  Another difference is that YourAmigo is not a consultancy; we provide a managed technology service which delivers results.

The one commonality between SEO and what YourAmigo does is that we both use the organic search channel.  However, when engaging YourAmigo, our clients don't have to change anything on their website because Spider Linker™ is a completely separate online marketing service not invasive to their current SEO or other online marketing activities.

Spider Linker™ takes a largely content-based approach which is focused on analyzing searcher behavior data to find large volumes of untapped revenue.  We do this by creating new, unique content, that is highly optimized for  relevant search terms that you're currently not getting traffic or sales on.

Spider Linker's portfolio of Organic Search Marketing services then adds tremendous value to these new pages and enhances usability to improve average order values, conversion rates and overall return on investment for our clients.

What Is The Cost of SEO?

In-house SEO, SEO consultancies or agencies provide labor-intensive SEO services - you pay for the resources to perform these services.

In-house - companies shouldn't overlook the substantial human resource cost and on-costs of having an in-house SEO or IT team to undertake their SEO activities.

SEO Consultancies - typically consultancies lock you into a fixed-term contract charging substantial monthly fees, with no guarantee of a positive return on your investment.

Advertising/Media Agencies - agencies managing your media spend, including SEO, either have an in-house person to undertake SEO for a range of clients or outsource the SEO and charge a percent of spend, once again, with no guarantee of a positive ROI.

What Is The Cost of YourAmigo?

YourAmigo is a pay-for-performance service which doesn't charge monthly fees and doesn't lock you into a fixed-term contract.  With YourAmigo you pay for the results you get and each contract is structured for a positive ROI.

Additional services at no cost - unlike SEO, Spider Linker's bundle of online marketing services includes a range of value-added services (eg contextual merchandising, contextual marketing and multivariate testing) at no additional cost to our clients.  The reason we provide these services at no additional cost is to improve the ROI for our clients.

Does SEO Do That?

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of why we say "We don't do SEO".

For YourAmigo, it's all about driving large volumes of new revenue to our customers at an ROI which meets or exceeds their ROAS targets.

If you are looking for an increase of 3%-25% risk-free new revenue at your target ROAS, contact us now.

We Don't Do SEO

"SpiderLinker's unbranded organic search listings captured more than 73% of total sales."
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