Only 4 Weeks To Extra Revenue


YourAmigo can make you 3%-25% extra online revenue starting within 4 weeks of going live. For example we delivered an increase of $38 million, or 6.78% of annual online revenue, for one of our larger US customers. At the other end of the spectrum, an increase in overall revenue of £8.1 million for one of our UK customers, a lift of 16.8% of their annual online revenue, was just as welcome.

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Mine New Traffic With Spider Linker™


Benefit from Spider Linker™ features and gain more site traffic with our artificial intelligence. Take advantage of keyword gap analysis, scalable new content creation, contextual merchandising, product review optimization, international language translation, multi-variate testing and much more, all separately measurable from your existing SEO or SEM campaign efforts.

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Pay-For-Performance Business Model


Working with YourAmigo as your organic search partner means no lock-in contracts - you don't pay for consultancy advice, only new traffic and ROI-positive revenue based on pay-for-performance! Our unique and traceable URLs provide complete campaign transparency alongside your other online marketing programs.

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We Don't Do SEO

According to Wikipedia, "Optimizing a website primarily involves editing its content and HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines." We don't do that; in fact we don't touch our client's web pages or HTML at all.

We do, however, provide online marketing services through organic search - so you might be confused that we work in organic search but don't do SEO - let us explain. We recommend that you keep your existing in-house SEO team, and keep your existing external SEO consultancy, because YourAmigo's organic search services work independently driving you different traffic and sales that are incremental to your existing efforts.

The World's Leader In Organic Search Marketing

Fifteen years ago, YourAmigo started life as a search engine company, using artificial intelligence technology to find content that other search engines could not. Based on that unique search technology, and 60 person years of further development, today YourAmigo has the enviable reputation of being the leading global provider of scalable, performance-based, intelligent organic search marketing services, called Spider Linker™ to large B2C and B2B customers in 32 countries.

YourAmigo's search engine experts use the power of Spider Linker's intelligent, multi-lingual technology to manage approximately 60 million pages for the world's leading online brands.

For example, last year, Spider Linker™ delivered incremental new revenues for our customers ranging from, on the low side, $3.2 million to, on the high side, over $38 million dollars. On average, this represents an additional 3%-25% increase in overall annual online revenue for our customers.

We back up our claims with our pay-for-performance business model. We don't charge consulting fees. We don't have fixed-term contracts. We charge on performance. Spider Linker™ is a separate, unique, online marketing channel that is not invasive to other online marketing programs, so customers don't need to change anything to implement Spider Linker™. Customers stay with YourAmigo because they're seeing more new sales volume than they have ever seen before at an ROI and profit that make real sense for their business.

For more information, advice or assistance, please contact one of our offices in the USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific or request more information.

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